Updated 9/9/2014

SwimCHS Meet Schedule 2014

Monday Sept 8th
Short Pentathlon
Destin YMCA
3:25 Warm Up

Thursday Sept 11th
vs Gulf Breeze @
Destin YMCA
3:30 Warmup
4pm Meet Start

Wednesday Sept 24th
Tri meet in Panama City
vs Arnold & Rickerds
at Frank Brown Park
2:30 Warmups
Early Dismissal

Saturday Sept 27th
Gulf Breeze Invitational
8AM meet start
The CLUB in
Gulf Breeze

Saturday Oct 4th
NWFL Invitational
Washington High School

Thursday Oct 16th
vs Washington High School
3:30 Warmup
Destin YMCA

Thursday Nov 6th
Regional Championships

Frank Brown Park
Panama City

Friday Nov 14th
State Championships

Sailfish Aquatic Center


Contact Coach Jamie
Jamie Garea
(850) 374-2207
Kenwood Elementary
15 Eagle Street, FWB 32547
5th grade teacher, (850)833-3570
Choctaw High School - Swim Coach,
Pryor Middle School- Swim Coach
South Walton Fire District -
   Junior Lifeguard Coordinator

Short Pentathlon results

WOW!!! We had some great swims this evening.

Congrats to our swimmers in the top 5...
Emma 1st
Ashley 3rd
Justin 2nd

I am also proud of Claire's 6th place finish.
We have our next meet on Thursday. :)

The Radomskis and Petrboks provided snacks today. If you can donate water, fruit, trail mix, granola, crackers, pretzels, etc we will accept donations on Wednesday morning or just bring them to the meet on Thursday. Swimmers like to eat!!

Thanks to everyone who helped out today and I hope to see lots of parents on Thursday.

Upcoming Events

Thursday the 11th- Gulf Breeze
@ Destin YMCA  3:30 warmups

Wednesday Sept 24th
Tri meet in Panama City
vs Arnold & Rickerds
at Frank Brown Park

Coach Jamie


Dear Parents and Students,

 If you have not volunteered to help with parking for this Friday’s football game, your help is still needed. Please let me know if you can assist. We meet at the main entrance of the Choctaw parking lot at 4:45. We can still use your help if you can’t arrive until a little later.

My husband will be there to meet you this Friday. Unfortunately I have an obligation that was booked 5 months ago. Parking is $3.00. Band members, school employees, touchdown club, cheerleaders have traditionally not paid for parking. They will let you know.

Parents who are going in to just drop off kids, do just that with no parking charge.

Swimmers, please make signs indicating Parking $3.00 to hold up at the entrances.

Parents will be given aprons with parking tickets and a change fund. Please use the tickets off your roll in numerical order. Please do not pull off strips and use out of order. It creates a nightmare to balance when tickets have been used out of sequence.

Parents are the only ones who are to handle money. You may have a swimmer as a helper to greet and hand the parking ticket to them and THANK our supporters.

Many parkers will ask us to keep the change as a donation.

You will return your aprons, unused tickets, stubs and money to my husband Mike once the parking lot is full or the game is ready to start. In the past we have usually wrapped up parking right after the National Anthem is played.

If you are able to help this Friday, please let me know by responding via email.

We have another home game September 19th. Please go ahead and check your calendars. Everyone’s help and support is needed for this undertaking.

It is a big job, but our best fundraiser by far.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Each family (parents) should work at least two car parking sessions.
Kids should be there every time unless involved with another school function (band or ROTC) or at year round practice.

Choctaw Football Schedule 2014


If you are interested in swimming in college you need to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse. It is something you do online.

Coach Jamie

Prevent Swimmer's Ear

Swimmer's ear is 100% preventable and missing a week of practice right now is detrimental to your training. You can prevent swimmers ear by simply putting alcohol drops in your ears every day after practice. It's that easy. No one is immune to this. The chlorine in the pool kills everyone's natural bacteria lining that protects the ear. Get with a buddy and treat each other before you leave the Y. Don't let your team mate go to school without it. Further information can be found HERE.